Ships don’t sail themselves – and the day that may be possible is still a long way off for the majority of merchant vessels.

Crew are your most important asset onboard and having the right team is essential to the smooth and safe operation of your ship. Finding capable, qualified and competent crew members is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

At Danica Crewing Specialists we understand the importance of having the right people onboard – and the serious consequences which can arise from not having the right people onboard!

At Danica we maintain the highest standards in our recruitment process for good reason – because you need to know you have qualified, experienced and competent crew on your ship, and so do their colleagues.

In fact, we go one step further in Danica and offer partnerships with our clients. In this way we guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted supply of competent crew for owners working closely with us on recruitment and crew planning for the entire vessel. We call this the Danica Promise.

The Danica Promise does not mean that you give away control of the crewing of your vessels. Far from it. You can still participate in any part of the crewing process that you wish to, and you’re able to monitor all movements and decision-making through your access to our crewing application (app).

In short, we form a strong and effective partnership by combining your specific knowledge of your vessels and your individual requirements with Danica’s in-depth knowledge of the crew employment markets around the world – creating the right solution for your vessels.

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